For 7-8 percussionists with optional voice


Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 5:15

Wanderlust by definition is “a strong desire to travel,” but going a bit further and perhaps a little deeper, I appreciate wanderlust as a meandering of the mind that takes place (hopefully) for all of us a little each day. It’s where dreams come from, as well as goals, ideas, etc… the good stuff.

With Wanderlust, I sought to create a general sonic landscape that was full of wonderment and excitement, one that would hopefully transport both the listener and performer. I also provided freedom for the performers to “roam” by creating opportunities for most to solo and express themselves within only a framework of harmony and meter. The work also has an optional voice line that can be carried by an additional performer or by one (or more) of the keyboard players, options for solo instruments (ex. steel pans or marimbas), and finally a section in which live looping can be utilized.

Wanderlust was commissioned by the John Marshall High School Percussion Ensemble (WV), Jason Birch and Tracey Filben, directors.

(photo credit: Nooa Haapsaari)