For percussion ensemble


Vesper by Chad Heiny invites listeners into a world of quiet introspection and reflection. Inspired by the summoning bell that shares its name, Vesper encapsulates the essence of prayer, meditation, and the calm embrace of tranquil moments.

Heiny draws upon the influence of the summoning bell throughout the work with the use of chimes, tuned pipes, and crotales. Coupled with the undulating and flowing marimba voices, the work serves as a soundtrack for moments of peace and serenity.

Vesper is a medium level percussion ensemble written for ten players with seven keyboard players fluent in four mallet playing. Heiny suggests that both Marimba 1 and 2 and Marimba 3 and 4 players share instruments to further enhance the sense of community among the performers.

Vesper is dedicated to Brandon Kandrack and the Norwin High School Percussion Ensemble

(photo credit: unknown)