For 10+ percussionists


Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 7:30

Each of the four multifaceted movements of Chad Heiny’s TRiBE depict different moods, different musical styles, and different aspects of a tribal ceremony, all cohering into one continuous ritualistic experience. The first movement, “Premonition,” scored entirely for unpitched percussion instruments, is an exciting, upbeat, and aggressive opening statement which is then offset by the second movement, “Meditation,” a slow, dark, and introspective work. The third movement, “Rite of Passage,” suggests a long and steady procession of someone who is, as Heiny puts it, “up next” or “on deck.” In the final movement “Sacrifice,” the musical material is highly focused and martial, making it an exciting finish to a long and varied musical experience.

TRiBE was commissioned by Paul Murr and the Lancaster Catholic High School Percussion Ensemble.

(photo credit: claudia gabriela marques vieira)