Smoke Screen

For winds and percussion


Difficulty: Band Grade 5
Duration: 2:15

Smoke Screen is a fanfare for winds and percussion that would fit best opening or closing a concert program. Recurring, contrary-motion woodwind flourishes combined with shimmering percussive textures create a haze in and around aggressive brass lines that soar across the ensemble. A driving bass line and ride cymbal pave the way for an almost noir-like action sequence in the middle section of the work, which upon its resolution, recapitulates a percussion ensemble transition and the final fulfilling build of the piece.

Smoke Screen is dedicated to the following band programs and directors: 

The Gateway High School Bands (Monroeville, PA)

The Grapevine High School Bands (Grapevine, TX)
James Rees, Bill Redd, Brooke Irby, directors

The Hampton High School Bands (Hampton Township, PA)
Chad Himmler, director

The Nease High School Bands (St. Augustine, FL)
Anthony Cananzi, director

The Norwin High School Bands (Irwin, PA)
Timothy Daniels and Brandon Kandrack, directors

(photo credit: Sergey Rumyantsev)