Droids on Parade

12 solos or duets for snare and bass drum with alternative metronome techniques


Available as a physical or digital copy.

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
Duration: 0:30 – 2:00

Droids on Parade is a progressive set of twelve etudes for either snare drum alone, snare drum with pedal bass drum, or for two players; as duets for snare drum & bass drum. The collection both explores different snare drum challenges & styles that today’s percussionist most certainly should be confident with, but also attempts, through the integration of alternative metronome approaches, to provide an enriching vehicle for the development of rock-solid internal pulse. The culmination of the snare, bass & metronome “live” in performance — especially the “b” options listed, will create as my son Christopher phrased: “droids that are playing drums in a parade”.

Droids on Parade is dedicated to my long-time hero, mentor, and friend: Dr. Gary Olmstead.

(PC: Gille Monte Ruici)