Coming of Age

For solo marimba & percussion quartet


Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 5:40

Notes from the score: Coming of Age is a work for a featured marimba soloist and percussion quartet that attempts to subtly portray coming of age in today’s ever complicated world. It does so through an episodic form, a reflective yet optimistic harmonic language, mirrored setups, and long minimalistic phrases.

The suggested setup should facilitate a balanced and fluid performance. During the “shared vibraphone” sections, consideration has been given for pedaling to work perfectly between both players, even if only controlled by one. Also, the goal of the “bowed” passages is a smooth and even vocal-like quality, so high-quality bass or cello bows with amply applied rosin will be crucial for any ensemble performing the work.

It should be noted that while the marimba is featured, it is not limited to the most advanced, virtuosic players. Instead, it has been written to be performed by intermediate to advanced players at the undergraduate or even advanced high school level of study.

Coming of Age was commissioned by Evan Brown and the North Allegheny High School Percussion Ensemble. It is dedicated to my son, Christopher Heiny.

(photo credit: unknown)