New Year, New Site!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading this quick post about my new and improved website!

First, a HUGE shoutout to Adrian Rae for the design. I can’t recommend her enough for all of your web and graphic design needs — she’s a total pro and super fun to work with!! Check out her website HERE.

Next, a couple of things about the site:

  • Home is a one-stop-shop for a lot of the current stuff going on in my world.
  • Concert is a chronological list of all my original works with either links to publisher pages for more detailed information, or with release notes where applicable.
  • Autumn houses my marching band shows that are available for collaboration and purchase. This is new for me, so I’m a little nervous to share 😅, but I finally feel confident enough in not only the quantity and variety of shows, but also the quality of my arranging across the full score. I’m excited to see where this could all lead and hopeful to birth some new, healthy collaborations from this area of the site!
  • Purchase is a deeper dive into all the works I currently have published and with links (the “purchase” button) to publisher pages for each composition so you can buy there if you’d like.
  • Contact is a variety of forms for getting in touch with me regarding performances, marching catalog inquiries, and just a general form for saying hi!
  • Grace is this page (my blog). I plan to share something around noon every Friday to brighten your day and kickstart your weekend. This is also new to me, and I’m anxious about it all too, but I look forward to sharing some thoughts about creating, music and other art I’m currently into, some updates about projects I’m working on, and of course… pictures of my dog.

Again, so much love for Adrian: her hard work on this site and for dealing with me 😬. I hope everyone had a great holiday and as promised, here’s a cute picture of Keiko to brighten y’all’s Friday before you run into the weekend:

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Site!”

  1. Congrats Chad! …and I second Adrian’s magic. She’s awesome.

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more great stuff from you.

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